Braised leeks, courgette and peas with giant stale couscous

Cooked by Nicky.

We are getting a lot of leeks in the veg box which I suppose is what seasonal eating, and Riverford’s preference for local or low-food-mile produce, gives you. So we need to love leeks.

In this dish, the leeks, courgettes (also Riverford) and frozen peas were braised deliciously in white wine and made a lovely Sunday dinner after a lunch at Zizzi’s in Covent Garden. The slight let down was the giant couscous, which tasted stale.


Leeks and courgettes gently softened and sweated in butter and olive oil, seasoned with salt and pepper, white wine added and braised for a while. Frozen peas added too.

Spaghetti bolognese and Semifreddo

Seb announced as I was reheating the bolognese sauce and cooking pasta, that he didn’t like spaghetti bolognese. So I decided to pimp dinner and serve the pasta, bolognese and a salad (using the oil and vinegar mum n dad gave us for Xmas), ‘family style’. I did a jug of iced water with floating clementine slices to add to the ceremony of the proceedings.

As expected, when Seb served himself, he found the bolognese delicious and ate a lot of it.

I especially enjoyed it because it made a family meal feel special – good food (if basic) and making a proper family event of having dinner together.

Following it up with Nicky’s semifreddo – a Jamie Oliver recipe using Marathon bars – made it an awesome fully rounded memorable New Years Day meal. Without hours of slaving to make something fancy…


Bulk cookery

4 dinners of spag Bol
3 dinners of chilli men sauce
4 lunches of leek and sweet potato soup

All made yesterday in a massive cookathon that lasted 3 hours. Good to keep the freezer stocked up!


Bubble and squeak with leftover turkey!

In a strange pre-Christmas leftovers preview, we ate leftover turkey from Community Cafe’s Christmas lunch on Wednesday, with bubble and squeak – Brussels sprouts, carrots and peas from the Cafe, integrated into fresh mashed potato. Delicious Saturday night dinner!